Active Academics®: Learning on the Move - McDowell County Teacher Workshop - McDowell County, WV (2014)

Active Academics® presented two 1-hour activity sessions to PreK - 12th grade teachers as part of a new school year workshop. These sessions were voluntary, but well attended as teachers learned about activities that could help them meet a new mandated 30 minutes of activity per day policy handed down by the WV State Board of Education.

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Active Academics®: Learning on the Move - KidStrong Conference - Charleston, WV (2014)

Active Academics® presented an activity session at the 2014 KidStrong Conference in Charleston, WV. The conference was attended by educators, health care professionals, members of the state legilature and more. Participants were given the opportunity to participate in actual content-based lesson ideas, energizers and large group activities.

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Active Academics®: Getting Kids up and Moving! - SHAPE America Convention - St. Louis, MO (2014)

Active Academics® presented a large group activity session at the 2014 Shape America National Convention in St. Louis, MO. The conference is attened by physical education, health education, dance and recreation educators as well as district and national leaders in physical education and physical activity. Participants were introduced to the new Active Academics® website and participated in several lessons found on the site.

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Comprehensive School Physical Activity: A Blueprint for Fostering Active Children - Texas A&M (2012)

Active Academics® presented on the topic of comprehensive school physical activity, specifically standard-based activities that support the traditional classroom curriculum. Participants were introduced to the idea of clasroom energizer activities to give kids short five minute or less movement breaks during the day, and standards-based lessons that allows students the opportunity to be active while still engaged in the learning process.

Active Academics®: Connecting Physical Activity with Learning - Harrisburg, PA (2011)

Active Academics® presented on the comprehensive school physical activity framework, and how physical activity directly impacts learing, specifically in the traditional classroom environment. Participants were introduced the Active Academics® website and focused on standards based activity ideas, recess and after school ideas, classroom energizers, and other topics related to integrated physical activity.